Dairy Reproductive Economic Analysis Tool

A new and exciting tool is available in the UW Dairy Management Website: DairyMGT.info → Tool → Reproduction → Dairy Reproductive Economic Analysis. This decision support tool has been developed to assess the economic value of reproductive programs and, more importantly, to calculate the economic value of improving reproductive performance: E.g., improving 21-d pregnancy risk from 15% to 20%.


We made every possible effort to present this tool as a practical, user-friendly application in spite of the complexity involved in the internal calculations. Also, we strove to keep the tool as a web-based system for easy use and application.


The tool comes with a 7-minute video demonstration I recommend to take a look before using it. I also encourage you to read the one-page overview in the front page of the tool. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information or technical support.



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